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John Pebble of Styx Enterprises

Get 'em out by Friday!

You don't get paid till the last one's well on his way.

Get 'em out by Friday!

It's important that we keep to schedule, there must be no delay.

Mark Hall of Styx Enterprises (otherwise known as The Winkler)

I represent a firm of gentlemen who recently purchased this

house and all the others in the road,

In the interest of humanity we've found a better place for you

to go, go-woh, go-woh

Mrs. Barrow (a tenant)

Oh no, this I can't believe,

Oh Mary, they're asking us to leave.

Mr. Pebble

Get 'em out by Friday!

I've told you before, 's good many gone if we let them stay.

And if it isn't easy,

You can squeeze a little grease and our troubles will soon run away.

Mrs. Barrow

After all this time, they ask us to leave,

And I told them we could pay double the rent.

I don't know why it seemed so funny,

Seeing as how they'd take more money.

The winkler called again, he came here this morning,

With four hundred pounds and a photograph of the place he has found.

A block of flats with central heating.

I think we're going to find it hard.

Mr. Pebble

Now we've got them!

I've always said that cash cash cash can do anything well.

Work can be rewarding

When a flash of intuition is a gift that helps you


Mr. Hall

Here we are in Harlow New Town, did you recognise your block

across the square, over there,

Sadly since last time we spoke, we've found we've had to raise

the rent again,

just a bit.

Mrs. Barrow-acapo
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