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Testo cul de sac - genesis

Wake up now
this is the time you've waited for.

Far below
where shadown fester as they grow

An army thousands strong
obsessed by right and wrong

Sense their time is coming near.

So they turn towards the light from their region of the night

Marching on and on

They near the air
it won't be long.

You know you're on the way out

It's just a matter of time.

You thought you'd rule the world forever

Long live the king
don't spare the loser.

After all
you're not what you thought you were at all.

You're just a natural fact
another cul-de-sac

On nature's hard unfeeling trail.

And all those dreams of old will be stories left untold

Cut off in your prime
extinct until the end of time.

Now the host emerges
a shadow starts to fall.

Not one knows what hit them
none can see at all.

Even as the end approaches still they're not aware

How can you fight a foe so deadly

When you don't even know it's there?

And now that the job is almost done

Maybe some escape
not even one
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