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Testo can utility and the coastliners - genesis

The scattered pages of a book by the sea

Held by the sand and washed by the waves

A shadow forms cast by a cloud

Skimming by as eyes of the past
but the rising tide

Absorbs them effortlessly claiming.

They told of one who tired of all singing

Praise him, praise him.

We heed not flatterers,
he cried

By our command, waters retreat,

Show my power, halt at my feet.

But the curse was lost

Now cold winds blow.

For from the north
overcast ranks advance

Fear of the storm accusing with rage and scorn.

The waves surround the sinking throne

Singing Crown him
crown him.

Those who love our majesty show themselves!

All bent their knees.

But he forced a smile even though

His hopes lay dashed where offerings fell.

Nothing can out peace destroy as long as no one smiles.

More opened ears and opened eyes

And soon they dares to laugh.

See a little man with his face turning red

Though his story's often told you can tell he's dead
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