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Testo overreact - d12

Put ya gunz down, ya niggaz is under arrest

What would a niggaz named Less test as I molest

Who wanna confess, ___ the black Smith and Wess

Pull your girl up out her dress, snatch the baby out the nest

Represent the Mid-west, _________ we drug test

Look like federal express, leavin a whole lotta mess

Carry a fat knot, my crew's always looted


Champ, you and Doris play craps

Rob em blindfolded and take they foodstamps

My team'll get yo team, we'll see who shook

Once I pull this nine out

You gon need more shield then Brooke

Peace to my nigga Dice One and Illin ___

The crew took more leak at me and pee on theyselve

I start beef with Iran and Japan

The play Roxane is set behind my live van

Chorus X4

As soon as one of you niggaz try to over react

BLOW BLOW, blown to death

I want foodstamps, ___ and weed to get high

Y'all can kiss this seven _________ goodbye (she's dead)

My name is psy cause I _________

Down to kill seven sick niggaz, winnin for the ___

Your crew's trough 'cause ya niggaz is bad news

Put niggaz to work without the W tools

The Outsidaz be catching madness to miracle

We be savin shit off like ______ and Queen Latifah

Pull my automatic

Kill this ___ faggot

Only hang around unibombers, ______ and drug addicts

Close your eyes and make a wish

I got ten hoes named Hootie wanna pull my big fish

Whit this team I got, nigga who can stop me?

______ rock out even weight can outbox me

I want drugs till my breath smells

Bringin Motown back without Andre Harell

Chorus X4

Now who can fuck with me, Eminem, Bizarre and Fuzz?

The illest niggaz to ever come out the Dirty Doz

Strip your team buttnaked and fill em with hot slugs

My drunken thugs be start fight in clubs

Got ___ if I get a little buzz

Cheeting on my bitch 'cause I'm buttfuckin her 'cause

You still ain't found out where the hell your daughter was

Got me pissed off, went out and sold her for some drugz

Throwin mad kicks like Bruce Lee boy

Can't you see that I'm a total bad boy

Who wanna get they ass kicked in this verbal fight

Ya niggaz is gettin raped like my date last night

Sellin mad weed 'cause I'm a customer

They got more driveby's then in any block busta

Even Mary tought my style was scary

Smokin blunts in Frisco and ate wives with Jerry

Chorus X4
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