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Testo lies and rumors - d12

Here we go...


They say that one little lie turns into another, then you go and cheat

By the time you know it, you are wrapped up in a whole bunch of seaweed

You shoulda listened to your mama, and listened to your daddy, when they tried to speak

And tell you that there's just too many fishes in the sea

[repeat 8X]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

[Kon Artis]

Now this thing here, it may cause concern, but

It's just a little story bout a shark eatin worms

It's, not a riddle, but subliminally catches on

How one little lie can turn into a bigger one

When I was a young, guppy in the sea

You could see all the bigger fish pickin on me

Cause they knew I didn't really have the guard or bullet

And the other sharks that have teeth sharper than me

I'm a never-endin story about a shark this big

The load of kids that got an act for fizz

So sit back, kick back with a bag of chips

While I tell you bout something stupid I did...



I'm off to work but I'm late (hey) but what can I say? (hey)

I'm cool with the boss and then of course it's a payday

We reachin the weekend and I'll be treatin my baby

Typical day, dude's in the way – but hey wait!

Shark's in the water, gotta duck in the corner

'til I'm caught, I'ma talk and I walk where I wanna

Hittin the seaweed, sippin this green tea

Big fish in this small world, they'll all believe me

For knocking a shark off, protecting my city

They all grab my CD and now I'm a popular rock star

Like it or not though I'm a marvelous artist

Working my hardest and becoming a starfish


Now what am I to do? The boss is on my back
I gotta follow his orders when sharks attack

It's a dangerous scene, but I'm a Rasta man

Cross me and my brother, it will cost ya, man

And this little pipsqueak is gettin' on my nerves

So my tentacles should give him just what he deserves

So you better swim fast cause I'm after ya

And go and hide inside the mouth of a clam or somethin'

Cause I'm out and about - I'm bad news, a henchman

A jellyfish with an attitude, so listen

Swim for your life cause I'm on your tail

So frightenin I scare a snail out of it's shell



I love this liquid, I'm silly when I'm in it and I bet

(This water we're standin in is wet)

Duh! What do you expect from me?

I'm a platinum Jack Dempsey, trying to get a fee

And everybody know that I'm the G of the sea

I just knocked this shark off - the dude tried to eat me

I guess he didn't like me, it might be because I'm a Pisces

They always try to take me lightly

So why the trouble? I just wanna hustle

And multiply bubbles and pump my muscles

I don't want to make a mistake

Cause these fishermen will set you up, and I ain't fallin for the bait

(Daddy – what are we gonna do with a fish with a tattoo?

We're gonna eat him. What do you think?)


I'm a lionfish with dreams of makin it big

House in the ocean, three ugly kids

And why everybody keep on pickin on me?

I'm the sexiest, prettiest fish in the sea

Heck no, I ain't nobody dish

Cause I'm in love with Angie – the beautiful angelfish

{*kissing sound*} Give me a kiss baby

I'm running from the white shark, you tryin to make me crazy


[repeat 8X]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
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