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Testo amietyville - d12

Da-dum, da dum
da da dum, da dum
dadada dum, da dum
dada da dum, da dum, dum
Metannly ill from Amietyville
Accidentally kill yo family still
Thinkin he won't, god damnit he will
Mentally ill form amietyville

I get lifted and spit until i'm half twisted
Feet planted and stand wit a grin ful of chapped lipstick(*kiss*)
/> Pen fulla ink make hitz for dis rap sick shit
shrink pencil me in fo my last visit
Drink gin till my chin is fulla splashed wiskers
Spaz whisky and hash till i slap bitches
Ask Bizzie hes been here the past 6 years
Mash wit me again and amagin this


fuck my cousin in his asshole, slit my mother troat
guess who slim shady just signed on interscope
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