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Testo guava jelly - bob marley

You said you love me;

I said I love you.

Why won't you stop your cryin'?

Dry your weeping eyes.

You know that I love you

Groovin' Here I am,

Groovy Child

Come rub 'pon me belly

Like a guava jelly,

(Here I stand)

(Come rub it 'pon me belly)

Like a guava jelly)

Verse 2

You say you need me

I say I need you,too

Baby Why don't, stop your cryin'

And dry your weeping eyes

You know I love you


Groovy , Here I am

(Come rub pon me belly)

Like a guava jelly),

Ooh baby here I am

Come rub pon me belly

Like a guava jelly

Repeat/ adlib

Guava Guava jelly,

Guava Guava jeelly
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