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Testo death in prague - babylon whores

Kings adored, abhorred

Apple, crown and sword

Lions green and red

By fire killed and wed

One more day you´ll see

Master good John Dee

Wisdom's granted me

To live eternally

And shining the apparition

On the western window smiles

On our Golden Lane

The Powder Tower that knows

No night from a day

Death in Prague

The bell tolls on the square

The twelve apostols� snare

St Vitus� sun wheels

Look down on broken seals

And as wheel obeys the sun

Abide Europa�s son

If dying is the answer

Then dying be done

And golden turned his face

Under torches and death runes

Like all glories short

For those who stand too tall

In black, in Prague

Death in Prague

I�ll give you eyes of blue and hair like gold of sun

A mind to see beyond the light of life undone

I�ll give your blood so pure as it runs right through your hands

Your Stone to pain you when you�re old you'll understand

I�ll give you letters five to wear above your eyes

The wisdom of the ages sought by men all-wise

I�ll give you a forehead to scream death of living god

I�ll give you life I�ll give you death
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