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Testo You Win, I Loose - SUPERTRAMP

You win, I loseI beg, you chooseYou're so cool and I'm confusedI'm me and you're you You're so loose and I'm uptight You're day, I'm nightLike two ships in the night in foggy weather,
Just a waitin' for fresh winds to blow.Maybe we're losin' one another
I could be wrong I don't know You get the best, I get the restYou pass the test, I'm just a mess You got it made, I'm in the shadeLike two ships in the night ... Like two dopes in the boat, without a paddleJust a wonderin' why it don't go We could be losin' one anotherI could be wrong I don't know I know you're tryin' to phase meIt's gonna drive me crazy I can't wait for the day when I win, You loseYou beg and I choose You're in the shade, I'm on paradeLike two ships in the night ...