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Testi canzoni w a s p

9 5 n a s t y
all my life
animal fuck like a beast
arena of pleasure
asylum 9
b a d
ball crusher
black bone torso
black forever
blind in texas
cant die tonight
chainsaw charlie murders in the new morgue
clockwork mary
cocaine cowboys
come back to black
cries in the night
damnation angels
destinys to come
dirty balls
doctor rockter
dont cry just suck
drive by
easy living
fistful of diamonds
forever free
goodbye america
hallowed ground acoustic
hallowed ground
hate to love me
hell for eternity
high on the flames
hold on to my heart
hot rods to hell
i am one
i cant
i dont need no doctor
i wanna be somebody
im alive
inside the electric circus
jack action
keep holding on
kill fuck die
kill your pretty face
king of sodom and gomorrah
l o v e machine
let it roar
little death
loco motive man
me and the devil
mean man
mephisto waltz
my tortured eyes
my wicked heart
never say die
no way out of here
on your knees
raven heart
rebel in the f d g
red room of the rising sun
restless gypsy
rocknroll to death
rubber man
running wild in the streets
saturday night cockfight
saturday nights alright for fighting
scared to death
school daze
sex drive
shadow man
shoot from the hip
sister sadie and the black habits
sleeping in the fire
somebody to love
someone to love me
still not black enough
stone cold killers
sweet cheetah
take the addiction
tear down the walls
the demise
the flame
the great misconceptions of me
the gypsy meets the boy
the headless children
the heretic the lost child
the horror
the idol
the invisible boy
the last command
the last redemption
the neutron bomber
the raging storm
the real me
the rise
the rock rolls on
the running man
the titanic overture
the torture never stops
tie your mother down
tokyos on fire
trail of tears
unholy terror
wasted white boys
what ill never find
who slayed baby jane
why am i here
why am i nothing
wicked love
wild child
wishing well
x t c riders