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Testi canzoni susan tedeschi

Scarica la suoneria di susan tedeschi! Clicca qui

Ain't Nobody's Business
aint nobodys business
Angel From Montgomery
better days
blues on a holiday
Don't Think Twice
dont think twice
Found Someone New
Gonna Move
gonna write him a letter
hound dog
I Don't Want Nobody
i dont want nobody
i fell in love
in the garden
It Hurt So Bad
it hurts me too
its up to you
Just Won't Burn
little by little
Looking For Answers
love never treats me right
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
rock me right
Til I Found You
Till I Found You
Voodoo Woman
Wait for Me
Wrapped In The Arms Of Another
you need to be with me
youre on my hair

Classifica Testi canzoni susan tedeschi


i fell in love - 12


youre on my hair - 11


gonna write him a letter - 11


rock me right - 9


love never treats me right - 9


i dont want nobody - 8


you need to be with me - 6


it hurts me too - 6


blues on a holiday - 6





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