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The Blue Hearts
The Blue Jays
The Blue Poptarts
The Blue Ridge Rangers
The Blue Van
The Blush Foundation
The Boils
The Bone Fags
The Bonedaddys
The Bones
The Boo Radleys
The Boom
The Boomtang Boys
The Boss
The Boston Pops Orchestra
The Boswell Sisters
The Box Tops
The Boy And His Machine
The Boy Least Likely To
The Boys
the boys of d-tent
The Boyz
The Brady Bunch
The Braids
The Brandos
The Brassens
The Brat Attack
the bravery
The Braxtons
the break
The Breakup
The Breeders
The Breezeway
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Bridal Procession
The Bride Wore Black
The Bridges
the briefs
the briggs
The Bright Star Alliance
The Brilliant Green
the broadways
The Broken Hearts Academy
the bronx
The Brotherhood Of Dae Han
The Brotherhood Of Man
The Brothers Four
The Brothers Johnson
The Brothers Martin
The Browns
the bruisers
the bruvz
The Bubble Puppy
The Buchanan Brothers
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos
The Buckinghams
The Buffalo Springfield
The Buggles
The Bunny Complex
The Buoys
the business
The Butterfield Blues Band
The Buzzcocks
The Buzzhorn
The Byrds
The Cab
The Cable Car Theory
The Cadets
the cadillacs
The Caesers
the call
the callbacks
the calling
the candy skins
The Canon Logic
The Capitols
The Capris
The Captain
The Captain and Tennille
the captain beefheart
The Caravelles
The Carefrees
The Carpenters
The Carps
the cars
The Cascades
The Casinos
The Casket Lottery
The Cassettes
The Castaways
The Castells
The Casting Out
The Casual Terrorist
the casualties
the cat empire
The Cataracs

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